Ain't No Perfect Pastors


There’s an excellent blog by Thom Schulz called Holy Soup.  He has done a great deal of research into the health and vitality of the Church, and shares the results and his insights.  Recently he posted a blog about the limited effectiveness of much of the preaching offered on Sunday mornings.  A pastor named Duane responded negatively, claiming that his job was to bring the truth of the Word of God, not entertain people.  Thom responded that the issue wasn’t with the Word of God, but the words of Duane.  Many people agreed.  I agreed.  But I was disturbed by the harshness of the criticism, not just of Duane, but pastors in general.  I responded with this post in the comments section:

My friends, I can agree with Thom and with most of the rest of us who’ve responded. At times I’ve had it up to my NECK with the massive egos of many of our pastors.

But… we are who God has to work with… warts, arrogances, flaming egos, limited vision and all. Our pastors come from among us, not from heaven, and suffer the same sins we do. And leading us can be like herding cats. We demand to be heard, our every issue validated. If offended, many of us are quick to move on to another church and pastor and start the same pattern there.

We are at our best when we take responsibility for our own spiritual vitality. We are indwelt with the Holy Spirit of God, who leads us into all truth. Our pastors can’t bear up under that burden.

But Duane, listen to Thom. He’s right. Structure your ministry so that you have time and energy to improve your communicative skills. Find a pastor on Youtube that you’d like to emulate. And let younger pastors influence you… they can have raging egos too, but they aren’t afraid to
experiment, and they produce some very good stuff.

If you’d like to see the whole conversation, go to:


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