Catastrophic Collisions

Jupiter Comet Strike

In July 1994, comet Shoemaker-Levy fragmented and smashed into Jupiter; the impact sites were still visible almost a year later.

One of the wonders of nature is the fact that the gas giant planets in our solar system, which orbit much farther from the sun than Earth, shield our planet from the vast majority of comet and meteor strikes.  Objects large enough to do damage are flung out of our path by their powerful gravitational fields, so that catastrophic collisions are all but eliminated.

I have the ability to order my own environment in a similar way.  Like Earth, I can surround myself with friends and activities that can shield me from the “meteor strikes” of damaging influences.  The proverbs, “Bad company ruins good morals” and “He who isolates himself is not wise” come to mind.  The people with whom I associate exert strong forces that help keep my orbit stable; the activities we share create environments that satisfy the longings of my heart in ways that build me up and make me strong, and clear the “space” around me of “destructive objects”.

So, that means friends and family are my most precious treasures, and I am definitely thankful for them.

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