Conflict Management #4


How did Greg engage in his staff’s conflicted situation?
– He took the initiative.
– He took responsibility for the situation, and admitted that he had contributed to the problem.
– He kept his composure when emotions began to rise.
– He accepted criticism graciously, and returned criticism with care.
– He asked questions rather than making assumptions.
– He provided an example that the others could follow.
– He re-defined the present situation, and made functional changes that paved the way for better results in the future.

Don’t we all wish we could be that composed and effective! But often there is no one who feels the authority, or is detached enough from the situation, to lead a team to a good resolution. A clumsy attempt could easily degenerate into anger and accusation, and hope for a positive new direction would likely be lost. If you suspect this might be true for your team, consider bringing in an outsider with conflict resolution skills. It’s harder to replace good people than for a team to humble themselves and admit their need for help.

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