Past Tense #1

Past Tense, Chapter 1

The Problem
Shelly was incensed. Since the new worship guy came, she hadn’t done a single solo. It wasn’t too long ago that she was the one everybody came to when they needed special music of some kind.

But she was more than incensed. Shelly was hurt. She had been there when people needed her, and now she felt like she was being thrown away, replaced by a newer model. Not that she was old; Shelly was only just 40, but she loved Sandi Patti and the Gaithers. She had some training, and could do the classics considerable justice… but people just didn’t like that style anymore. She tried to do Desperation Band and Chris Tomlin, but it was… well, awkward on her voice… on her soul.

Now here she was, meeting with Chris, the worship director. It felt like she was begging for scraps from the master’s table. “Shelly, I know how you feel.” Sure you do. “If you can be available for the choir at Christmas and Easter, that’s great. I’m afraid we don’t have a place for you on the worship team.”

Just like that. Years of training, experience and service, and now I’m only welcome at Christmas and Easter, in the choir.

“I’m sure there are other churches who would love to have your voice.” You’ve been here for three months and I’ve been here for 30 years, and I have to find another church if I want to use my gifts?

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