For Creative Arts Directors

Would you like your team to express themselves more freely, so that their example does more to inspire your congregation to worship?  Do you want to take them up a notch musically?  I offer workshops that can draw out that potential.


Worship Teams

Do you have a prima donna?  Are there stresses between team members?  Do you find it difficult to motivate growth and change?  We can craft a plan that helps your people see what they’re capable of.

Do you need a timeline for planning ahead, so you can get material to your team in advance of practice?  We can work out a practical schedule.

Need some fresh ideas?  I can offer 30 years of creative experience.

Have you defined your philosophy of worship, so that it guides the way you lead your team and your congregation?  Do you know your pastor’s philosophy of worship?  I can help you refine and communicate your vision.

Are you having trouble communicating with your senior pastor or supervisor?  You probably have different temperaments and priorities; an outside perspective can help sort through the issues.

Contemporary or traditional, worship team or choir, I can help.

Take a look at this scenario common to the experiences of worship leaders and their teams.

Past Tense Part 1
Past Tense Part 2
Past Tense Part 3
Past Tense Part 4

Drama Teams

Do members of your team look stiff, or overly dramatic?  Would you like to see your people presenting more dynamic, believable characters?  I’ve coached many volunteer dramatists, and I know how to bring out their best.

Do you need a script for a specific topic?  We can craft a drama sketch that illustrates an issue, problem, or felt need, setting up the main speaker for a home run.


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